You Deserve a Choice!

Conventional Home Elevators

CHL installs a wide variety of conventional home elevators from the best manufacturers. These elevators require a shaft, can travel 3 or more stops and carry up to 1000 pounds. With many cab styles and customization options to choose from you will find the perfect choice for your home.

Shaftless Elevators

Stiltz small-footprint elevators are designed to travel between two floors. They are compact and do not need a shaft, so that means minimal disruption during installation. They are ideal to retrofit an existing home. Choose between different sizes: one and two-person or wheelchair accessible.

Pneumatic Elevators

PVE  air-driven elevators are self-supporting and do not require a shaft.  They offer a 360 degree view of your home and can travel 3 or more stops.  They are available in three sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Glass Elevators

Savaria Vuelift glass elevators offer a high-end luxury look, offering a panoramic view of your home.  They can be planned into a new home or installed elegantly within existing architecture. 


Dumbwaiters offer convenience and can transport everything from groceries to files to laundry from floor to floor.