PVE Elevators are powered by air!

PVE 37 home elevator

As the world’s only air-driven home elevators, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators elegantly provide accessibility and enhance the value of your home while requiring much less construction, space, energy and maintenance when compared to traditional home elevators and/or home lifts. Using pneumatic Technology to generate lift, these self-supporting, panoramic elevators offer homeowners an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for any retro-fit or new construction project.

This video shows a completed  PVE elevator installation demonstrated by Carolina Home Lift staff.

PVE Elevators are available in three sizes: 1-3 passengers and wheelchair accessible models.

PVE 30 pneumatic home elevator
PVE 37 pneumatic home elevator
PVE 52 pneumatic home elevator

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PVE 37 pneumatic tube home elevator